Outbreak & Prevention Solutions

As part of our ongoing commitments to our clients during and post COVID-19 Pandemic, Solo Services Group has developed preventative and remedial procedures.

We have witnessed a huge spike in requests for sanitation cleans at different verticals such as:

  • Schools/Education Facilities
  • Transport Depots
  • NSW Buses
  • Clubs/Recreation Facilities
  • Childcare Centres
  • Local Councils
  • Local Government amenities and public assets across NSW

Solo Services has developed a “best case scenario” in our methodology of sanitising facilities, Buses, schools etc. This includes:

  1. Manual sanitisation of all surfaces using hospital grade sanitisers concentrating on high “Touch Points” including railings, door handles, light switches, desks, computer screens etc
  2. Our trained technicians will then perform the fogging process safely and effectively with machines designed to fog hospital grade disinfectant into the air eliminating airborne bacteria. Once the process is completed, it will stay active on surfaces for up to 48 hours creating a barrier against further contamination
Coronavirus falls under enveloped virus with low resistance to hospital grade disinfectants, refer to table below. It has been demonstrated to kill 99.99% of harmful viruses.
  • gov_logo.png
  • nsw_gov.png
  • iso9001_icon_black.png
  • iso14001_icon_black.png
  • as4801_icon_black.png
  • haccp-icon_black.png

After the fogging team have finished, Solo will provide a sanitation report which contains hygiene-testing results on various locations and surfaces.


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