Strata Cleaning & Care-Taking Services

Solo provides strata cleaning services to many Strata properties throughout NSW.

We work closely with Executive Committees and Strata Managers to understand their specific needs and provide a tailored solution to each individual site.

When you are looking for professional Strata Cleaning Company, you can be assured that Solo provides a complete and dependable Strata cleaning services. Delivered by our friendly and professional local teams, backed by the resources and experience of Solo NSW.

” Value for Money “

Value for money has to be the primary goal for buyers of Strata Cleaning Services, Solo’s been working with many Committees and Strata Managers over the years and has saved Owners Corporations thousands of dollars by offering a full competitive Care-Taking packages under one roof with one point of contact.

Contact us now to request a FREE Service Proposal 1300 865 562 (24/7)